Frequently Asked Questions

At the heart of Clovis Animal Services is our vision to build a Model Community for Animal Care, and we’re proud to work alongside our community members in pursuit of that vision. We’re always here to help offer guidance and assistance, and below are answers to several of our most frequently asked questions. If you have additional animal questions for our team, please call or text us at (559) 324-2450(559) 324-2450.


I lost my pet. What can I do?

We're very sorry that you've lost your pet and are here to offer any assistance we can. Below are some recommendations to help your pet find their way home. If your pet was lost in the Clovis or Fresno area, be sure to post them on our Clovis Lost & Found Pets page! To view lost animals in our care at the Clovis Animal Receiving & Care Center, click here or check with us by calling or texting (559) 324-2450(559) 324-2450. Feel free to reach out with any other questions – we're here to help and we hope your pet is home with you soon. Remember, get the word out early, don't panic, and don't give up hope!

Tips for Finding Lost Pets:

  • Add a New Lost & Found Pet Listing on our website
  • Call your microchip company
  • Talk with your neighbors & distribute flyers
  • Visit local shelters daily & contact local rescues & vets
  • Post & search online: Facebook, PawBoost, Nextdoor, Craigslist

I found a stray dog. What can I do?

Thank you for helping a stray animal get to safety. The next step is to try to reunite them with their family! First, the animal needs to be reported to the designated intake facility that oversees the area where the animal was found. Use our list below to help identify which facility helps stray animals in your area and contact them to report the animal as found and for more information about available intake options. Below are a few of the intake facilities in the greater Fresno area, working to help our local stray animal population:

If your area is not included on this list or you need help identifying which facility to contact, call or text us at (559) 324-2450(559) 324-2450. We'd be happy to assist! Once you've contacted the intake facility, you can also take other steps to help the animal find its way home such as posting online or reviewing lost and found pet listings.

I found a feral/stray cat. What can I do?

Thank you for your concern for a cat in our community! All cats are considered free roaming in our area, and a cat that seems feral might actually be someone's pet. For these reasons, Clovis Animal Services does not accept feral/stray cats, with some exceptions, and many animal shelters and organizations have adopted a similar policy. It’s helpful to keep in mind that a cat's owner is also more likely to find their cat if the cat is not brought to an animal shelter. For more information on this policy, tips for cats in your yard or neighborhood, and contact information for facilities that may be able to assist, download our feral/stray cat pamphlet here.

I found stray kittens. What can I do?

Thank you for wanting to help these little ones! Though it may seem counterintuitive, the best thing you can do for them is to leave them where they are as their strongest chance of survival is to stay with their mother. If you find stray kittens without their mother, we’d encourage you not to move them as Mom is likely nearby – she may have left temporarily to find food or a new location for her kittens. If you believe their mother has abandoned them or have questions or concerns, please call the designated animal intake facility for your area to discuss the situation and available fostering and intake options:

A neighbor is putting food out for feral cats. Is this allowed?

Many people have good intentions when feeding feral/stray cats, but unfortunately this can quickly lead to an increase in the number of cats in your neighborhood which can prove detrimental to overall health and safety. For this reason, Clovis Municipal Code has established that it is unlawful to intentionally provide food, water, or other forms of sustenance to a feral cat or feral cat colony. You can try speaking with your neighbor to see if you can resolve the issue, or contact our Clovis Animal Response Team for assistance at (559) 324-2450(559) 324-2450.

Feral/stray cats have become a nuisance in my yard or neighborhood. What can I do?

We’re sorry this is the case and are happy to provide some guidance. Most organizations are unable to accept feral/stray cats, and it is illegal to harm or relocate these animals. So what can you do? Like any wild animal, most stray and feral cats live where they find food and shelter, making the control of food sources and shelter and the use of humane deterrents effective in keeping cats from being a nuisance. For more information on this and a list of humane deterrents and digging solutions, download our feral/stray cat pamphlet here.

I need assistance with a wild animal. Who should I call?

If a wild animal in the City of Clovis is found injured, ill, or is exhibiting aggressive behavior, our Animal Response Team may be able to help and can be reached at (559) 324-2450. However, wildlife is considered free-roaming, and removing or relocating wild animals can be both illegal and potentially harmful to the animal and localized animal populations. For these reasons, we do not typically remove or relocate wild animals and would advise against doing so. If you have other questions pertaining to wildlife or need additional assistance, we’re here to help in any way we can and are happy to direct you to other helpful resources, including the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (559-243-4005, and the Fresno Wildlife Rehabilitation Service (559-298-3276, Don’t hesitate to give us a call if we can be of further help!

I need to find a new home for my pet. What can I do?

We’re sorry this is the case – we understand it’s a difficult, often painful situation to be in. Though every situation is different, there may be other options to consider or things to try before choosing to rehome your pet. If you live in the City of Clovis, you’re welcome to contact our Clovis Animal Receiving & Care Center by calling (559) 324-2450(559) 324-2450 to discuss your situation and available options.

Should you choose to do so, we may be able to assist you with an owner surrender, though whether or not we are able to take the animal may depend on the circumstances and our current resources. Even if we are unable to take the animal, we are happy to provide any advice and resources we can. Other options include contacting private animal organizations for assistance or rehoming your animal through another resource such as

There is a barking dog in my neighborhood. What can I do?

We understand this can be quite bothersome, and we’re happy to offer guidance and assistance if needed. If there is a barking dog in your neighborhood, first identify where the barking is coming from and evaluate the cause and duration of the barking. If the dog’s barking has a clear cause (ex: there’s a gardener in the yard) and is intermittent this may be standard behavior, but if they are barking without cause or for long durations the issue may need to be addressed. We would suggest speaking with your neighbor first to see if you can resolve the issue together. If the issue does not improve or if you are uncomfortable speaking with your neighbor directly, please confirm the address and contact the Clovis Animal Response Team for assistance. (559) 324-2450(559) 324-2450

There is a dog at large (running loose). Who should I call?

Thank you for taking the time to try to help the animal get to safety!

If you are able to safely secure the animal, please contact the Clovis Animal Receiving & Care Center by calling (559) 324-2450(559) 324-2450 for assistance with reporting and available intake options.

If you are unable to safely secure the animal, please contact our Clovis Animal Response Team for assistance, also by calling (559) 324-2450(559) 324-2450.

There is a dead animal in the road. Who can pick it up?

Thank you for keeping an eye out for us. If the animal is in Clovis, our Clovis Animal Response Team can assist. Please call (559) 324-2450(559) 324-2450.

I suspect animal abuse. Who should I call?

We appreciate your awareness and thank you for bringing this to our attention. If the animal is in Clovis, please gather what information you can about the incident and the parties involved and contact Clovis Animal Services right away at (559) 324-2450(559) 324-2450.

I saw a dog in a vehicle. What should I do?

Thank you for looking out for an animal in distress! If you see a dog in a vehicle, the first thing to do is evaluate the situation. What is the temperature outside? Does there appear to be adequate ventilation and access to water? Even in moderate outdoor temperatures, the temperature within a car can rise quickly and lead to serious illness or death. If you believe the animal to be in danger, please call the Clovis Police Department at (559) 324-2800(559) 324-2800.

I think one of my neighbors moved and left their animals behind. Can you pick them up?

This is certainly an unfortunate situation and we will work to make sure no animal is in distress. Your help in providing information about the situation is sincerely appreciated. If they are located in Clovis, please gather what information you can – including the address where the animal(s) can be found – and contact Clovis Animal Services at (559) 324-2450(559) 324-2450.

How many pets can I own?

We love pets in Clovis! For the health and safety of both the animals and our community, the following pet limits apply:

A Combination of Cats &/or Dogs: 3

Potbellied Pigs: 2

Any Combination of Dogs, Cats, & Potbellied Pigs:

For questions regarding other pets, please contact Clovis Animal Services by calling or texting (559) 324-2450(559) 324-2450.

Are chickens allowed in Clovis?

In the interest of health and safety for both the animals and our community, farm animals, including chickens, are not permitted in most residential areas in Clovis. Farm animals are defined as livestock (such as pigs, sheep, cows, goats or horses), fowl (such as chickens, ducks and pigeons), and other animals commonly kept or raised on a farm. If you have questions, please call or text us at (559) 324-2450(559) 324-2450.

Am I required to spay/neuter my pets?

Spaying and neutering has many benefits to your pet including reducing marking, aggression, and roaming as well as reducing cancer risk and increasing life span! It’s also essential to maintaining a manageable pet population in our community, which is why dogs and cats over 4 months of age in Clovis are required to be spayed or neutered, with some exemptions. To read the full policy and list of exemptions, click here.

Other Animal Code Questions

We’re happy to help with any questions you may have regarding animal policy in Clovis! The City of Clovis Municipal Code includes several animal-related policies including licensing, spay/neuter, prohibited animals, animal limits, leash law, barking, tethering, curbing, menacing animals, animal care, and more. Click here to view the full policy and call or text Clovis Animal Services with any questions at (559) 324-2450(559) 324-2450.

Do I need to license my pet in Clovis? How would I do so?

Licensing helps ensure pets in our city are vaccinated against rabies and have been spayed or neutered, which helps establish an overall healthier pet population in our community. The City of Clovis requires that all dogs over four months old and potbellied pigs be licensed, and dogs are expected to wear their license tag at all times. To purchase a license, you will need a form of payment and your animal’s current rabies vaccination certificate and spay/neuter certificate. If you'd like to purchase a license in person, you can schedule an appointment with us by calling (559) 324-2450(559) 324-2450 or you can visit the cashier's window at Clovis City Hall. If you'd like to purchase a license by mail, please mail your payment along with your animal's current rabies vaccination certificate and spay/neuter certificate to Clovis Animal Services at 908 Villa Ave, Clovis, CA 93612 or 1233 Fifth Street, Clovis, CA 93612 with ATTN: Dog License. Questions? Call (559) 324-2450(559) 324-2450

Altered (Spayed/Neutered) License Fees:

1 Year


2 Year


3 Year


Unaltered License Fees:

1 Year