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Opossums in your yard? Why that’s a good thing!

Opossums are commonly misunderstood creatures and many people don’t like having them around their yard, but this uninvited guest is actually a good thing for your garden, your animals, and our community! Here are a few of the reasons we believe opossums are unsung heroes, and why the best thing to do if you see one is to leave them where they are.

How Pet Microchips Work and Why Your Pet Needs One

One in three animals are lost at least once in their lifetime, and microchips can help ensure your pets find their way back to you! Not sure how they work or where you can get one? This blog is for you!

Dogs in hot cars. What does the law say?

Animal Services Officer Morrison offers some guidance on what the law says about dogs in hot cars and what to do if you see a pet left alone in a vehicle. 

Why your dog or cat really needs flea and tick prevention

If you’re asking yourself whether your dog or cat really needs flea and tick prevention, the answer is yes, and you may be surprised to learn why. Here’s what makes it so important and how you can get started finding the right product for your pet!

Considering crate training? Crates can be a highly beneficial tool for dog owners, so we’ve put together some tips to help you get started: 

Does my dog or cat really need a collar and tag? Why it's important!

Does my pet really need a collar and a tag? The short answer is YES! Find answers to your questions about the importance of collars and tags for your pet:

Off Leash Dog Parks in the Clovis & Fresno Area

The City of Clovis now has its first dog park, adding to the list of several dog parks in the Fresno area! Here's a list of local dog parks complete with their location, features, hours, and fees:

Cold Weather Pet Safety: How cold is too cold for your dog?

Do you know how cold is too cold for your pet? As a general rule, if it's too cold for you, it's too cold for them! Temperatures below...

Key Features of the Clovis Animal Services Website

On behalf of the entire Clovis Animal Services (CAS) team, welcome to the new CAS website! Here are five key features to explore: